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Our Products.


Specialists in health and life quality

We have an unique portfolio of products that bring significant benefits to what we see as the five pillars of a healthy and happy life: skin, cellular anti-aging, joints, gut, sleep.

Healthy skin

Pharmacore® Acne Control

Dermatology and Acne

Pharmacore® Acne Control with an entire range for acne with active substances specially formulated to treat acne by acting on all its production mechanisms without the side effects of allopathic treatments.

Health and cellular anti-aging


protection against chronic and degenerative diseases

This innovative Revidox product slows cellular aging and can be an extremely useful adjuvant therapy for degenerative chronic diseases (according to clinical studies, Revidox can reduce LDL cholesterol by 20 percent, and inflammation markers by 20 to 26 percent).

Physical activity

Movial Plus

Joint Health

After 21 days of clinical trials in patients with joint disorders and athletes at Atletico Madrid, the Movial Plus patent increased both groups’ articular mobility and reduced pain.

Gut Health


Bowel Health

Obegrass is one of the most effective products for maintaining a healthy bowel and regulating bowel movement. It does not create addiction.

Sleep and relax


sleep disorders – healthy sleep

Innovative combination of melatonin and vegetal extracts in optimal dose, with high safety profile and ensuring quality, beneficial to the body to alleviate the factors that lead to sleep disorders.