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We specialized in helping our partners launch and market their products throughout the Romanian market.

Our team supports our partners both in developing the most efficient promotion strategy on short, medium and long term and in implementation of this strategy to reach the desired objectives.

We have the expertise, infrastructure, resources and contacts to create a profitable experience for your brands and products, seeking to build and grow their reputation and to expand their sales and distribution.

We already have success stories with food supplements and dermato- cosmetic brands.

integrated business solutions

Due to our extensive experience/knowledge regarding the promotion of pharmaceutical products,  we will provide you with ongoing support, developing solutions that best meet your needs as:

Marketing Solutions

We have a strong marketing team (including BTL, design, webdesign, events, online shop).

Business Intelligence Services

We integrated business and competitive intelligence services into our solutions, so we can make a competitive analysis that helps us in positioning your product’s attributes and strength effectively into a strong marketing strategy.

Communication Strategy

We provide a top-notch mix of promotion channels, with various and effective ways of communicating the availability and visibility of our products and their benefits to the target audience.

Medical Specialists

We reach more than 3 000 doctors/medical specialists who recommend our products (dermatology, rheumatology, medical recovery, orthopedics, gastro-enterology, geriatrics, neurology, cardiology, internal medicine, family medicine).


Our products portfolio is present in specialized publications, glossy magazines, medical TV shows, glossy and events TV shows that help us reach over 5 millions potential consumers


Our special medical events organized directly or as a partner help us reach over 10 000 persons every year (the target audience we need)

Medical and Academic Community

We benefit from the support of the medical and academic community, given the scientifically proven benefits and clinical trials of our products and this helps us build a solid basis for communicating the characteristics of various diseases: causes, action mechanisms and solutions.


We work with celebrity spokespeople, athletes, and legends in the health and fitness world, or VIPs who endorse our products.

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